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What They're Saying About Diamond Dollars...

"Diamond Dollars provides an insightful look at the business of baseball--at the free agent market, team's scouting and player development systems, and how clubs market their brands. The book mixes Vince's business acumen as a top executive at a Fortune 50 company with his passion for the national pastime"
Mark Attanasio, Chairman and Principal Owner, Milwaukee Brewers 

"Vince Gennaro shows a profound understanding of the economics of a team's baseball decisions. His analyses of a team's win-revenue relationship, the player development system, and player valuation make for a remarkably innovative examination of the baseball front office model that's just as informative for a baseball executive as for a fan"
Chris Antonetti, General Manager, Cleveland Indians 


"Diamond Dollars offers up exciting and stimulating new ideas about the business of baseball. It provides a set of metrics for decisions that have typically been a "gut feeling" for many organizations. I think teams should make this required reading for everyone in their organizations"
Jim Beattie, former General Manager, Baltimore Orioles and Montreal Expos 

Diamond Dollars is a fresh, provocative, insightful, and analytical look at the business of baseball by author Vince Gennaro, a consultant to MLB teams. Gennaro delves deep and addresses some key questions that affect how teams make decisions, how they assemble their roster, and ultimately, their bottom line:
  • How does winning affect revenue for each team?
  • How much value does a berth in the postseason generate for the Red Sox or Yankees?
  • What is the Yankees marginal revenue vs. the marginal cost of winning?
  • What is the economic value of the highly productive Twins farm system?
  • Why is a player's value "situational," depending on the competitiveness of his team and the market in which he plays?
  • How can we quantify Derek Jeter's "marquee value" to the New York Yankees?
  • What is the relative cost of developing talent vs. buying it in the free agent market?
  • What is the dollar value of the Cubs' fans loyalty to their beloved team?
  • How have the Red Sox, Cubs, and Yankees built their team brand? 

Diamond Dollars: The Economics of Winning in Baseball is published by Maple Street Press

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